How To Apply Serum on Face: Step-by-Step Application Tips + Factors  For 2024!


Facial serums are an essential part of any modern skincare routine. They contain a powerful combination of active ingredients designed to address specific skin concerns. 

Knowing how to apply serum on your face correctly will significantly enhance its effectiveness. 

Serums are potent formulations that deliver active ingredients directly to your skin. This ultimate guide from Elizabeth O Beauty’s professionals will show you how to apply serum correctly, select the suitable serum for your skin type, and when to use it.

How to Apply Serum on Face: Stepwise Applications

Using a serum is vital for your skin. It has unique ingredients that help with specific skin issues. 

But it’s essential to use it correctly to get the best results. These steps ensure you get the most out of your serum and have healthy, glowing skin.

✅ Step#1 Cleanse Your Face Thoroughly

  1. The foundation of any effective skincare routine is a clean canvas. 
  2. Treat your face to cleanse using a gentle, skin-specific cleanser. 
  3. It clears dirt, oil, and impurities and primes your skin for maximum serum absorption. 
  4. Look for a pH-balanced cleanser to check your skin’s natural barrier. 
  5. Take a moment to pamper yourself by massaging the cleanser into your skin for at least 60 seconds to ensure a deep, refreshing clean.

✅ Step#2 Gently Pat Your Skin Dry

  1. Don’t rub your skin with a towel after cleansing. 
  2. It irritates your skin. Instead, wipe your face dry with a soft and clean towel. 
  3. It will help keep your skin hydrated and not pull on sensitive facial skin.

✅ Step#3 Apply Your Favorite Serum Evenly

Are you researching how to apply serum to face? Don’t worry—we’ve got a quick and easy solution for you. Let’s get started.

  1. Getting the amount of serum right is vital to obtaining the best results. 
  2. You’ll want to use about a pea-sized amount or 1-2 pumps. 
  3. Once you’ve got the serum on your fingertips, rub them together to spread it evenly. 
  4. Then, gently press the serum onto your face, starting from the center and working outwards. 

Practical Tip: Remember to love areas that need it most, like those pesky fine lines or dark spots.

✅ Step#4 Lock in Moisture with a Good Moisturizer

  1. To get the most out of your serum, follow it with a high-quality moisturizer. 
  2. This essential step seals in the powerful active ingredients of your serum and provides an extra boost of hydration. 
  3. Choose a moisturizer that goes well with your serum and is suitable for your skin type. 
  4. Place it on your skin when it’s still slightly damp to get maximum absorption and a divine rush of nourishment.

When to Apply Serum on Your Face?

Timing is vital when it comes to skincare products. After cleaning your face, apply serums before using moisturizer. 

Most people use serums twice daily—once in the morning and once at night. In the morning, serums with antioxidants like vitamin C protect the skin from stressors. 

Take serums containing hyaluronic acid or retinol at night to help repair and refresh your skin while you sleep.

Choosing Face Serums for Your Skin: Factors to Consider!

There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable serum. From your skin type to your age and skin concerns, let’s examine some practical aspects to help you make an informed decision.

Consider Your Skin Type

Understanding your skin type is key to selecting the perfect serum. 

  1. Pick a lightweight, non-comedogenic serum with niacinamide or salicylic acid ingredients if you have oily skin. 
  2. Dry skin needs a hydrating serum containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin. 
  3. Sensitive skin should seek calming ingredients like chamomile or aloe vera. 

Your skin deserves the best, so choose your serum wisely and follow the instructions on your product.

Factor in Your Age

Age plays a role in what your skin needs. If you’re younger, you may be more concerned with prevention and hydration, but as you get older, you want to look into anti-aging serums. 

For example, if you have mature skin, consider a collagen booster or an anti-aging eye serum to help reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes.

Address Your Skin Concerns

Find out your main skin concerns and find a serum that addresses them. 

For instance, if you have hyperpigmentation, you must look for a serum with vitamin C or a vitamin C-rich extract like licorice root. 

If you have acne-prone skin, look for a tea tree oil-based or benzoyl-peroxide-based serum.

Look for Key Ingredients

When choosing a serum, look for specific ingredients in your skin. Here is essential are some important ones to remember:

  1. Vitamin C: Helps make your skin brighter and more even.
  2. Hyaluronic Acid: Keeps your skin deeply hydrated.
  3. Retinol: Encourages your skin to produce more collagen and renew cells.
  4. Niacinamide: Helps reduce redness and balance oil on your skin.
  5. Peptides: Support your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

How to Use Face Serum?

Get ready for glowing skin with this fantastic face serum routine:

1. Start by cleansing your face and preparing it for the magic.

2. If you use a toner, apply it for that extra boost.

3. Convert your skin by distributing 3-4 drops of serum onto your fingertips.

4. Gently massage the serum into your face and neck, and get ready to feel the difference.

5. Finish off with a moisturizer to seal all the goodness and keep your skin looking fabulous.

How to Apply Serum on Face for Oily Skin?

If you have oily skin, selecting a serum that controls excess oil without blocking pores is essential. 

Lightweight, water-soluble serums with active ingredients such as niacinamide, salicylic acid, or tea tree oil are ideal for oily skin. 

  • Apply a small amount to your skin, concentrating on oil-prone areas. 
  • Gently dab the serum into your skin before gently massaging it into your skin. 
  • Pressing motions will help the serum absorb into your skin without overloading it.

How Many Times Should I Put Serum on My Face?

The time you need to use your serum varies depending on your skin and the type of serum you use. 

Generally, most serums are used twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening. Thicker products cannot penetrate thicker products altogether, but thicker products will do so quickly. 

Always follow the instructions of your serum and keep an eye on how your skin reacts.

The End Note:

Adding a face serum to your routine will make a massive difference in your skin’s health and appearance. 

Understanding how to apply serum face serums correctly will help you get the most out of your serum and make your skin healthier and more radiant. 

Good skincare starts with consistency and knowing how to tailor it to your skin’s needs. 

Once you have mastered the proper application technique for applying serum, you will fully experience its transformative benefits.

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